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The following are the several types of driver’s licenses:

B – automobiles, tractors, and work vehicles (Driving licence categories AM, A1, A2, A), A – motorcycles and mopeds (Driving licence categories AM, A1, A2, A), B – cars, tractors, and work vehicles (Driving licence categories B, BE, W)
C – vans and trucks weighing more than 3,500 kg (Driving licence categories C, C1, CE, C1E)
Buses (D) (Driving licence categories D, D1, DE, D1E)
CD – commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) (Driving licence categories C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E)
TMT stands for truck module (must have passed D test)
BMT stands for bus module (must have passed C test)
Below is all the information you’ll need to place an order for a driver’s license:
Your last name is:
Your full names are:
Your sex (male or female):
Date and location of birth:
Class of license:
Your postal address is:
(Optional) License Number:
Date of issue and (optional) date of expiration:
Written signature (black ink, white backdrop, high resolution) in digital format:
Your digital photo (in color, with a white background and high resolution):
Any other details:
Purchase a genuine UK driving license that is made in the same manner as the actual document. Driver License for sale, The year 2021 is the model. A driving licence is an official document in the United Kingdom that allows its bearer to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roadways. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) administers it in England, Scotland, and Wales, and the Driver and Vehicle Agency of Northern Ireland administers it in Northern Ireland (DVA).
Because most UK citizens do not have identity cards, a photographic driving license can be used for many of the same functions as an identity card in non-driving situations, such as verification of identity (for example, UK Driving Licence, when establishing a bank account, purchasing or renting a home or car), or proof of age (e.g. when buying age-restricted goods such as alcohol).

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